On June 29th we celebrated our patron festival of Saint Peter. Despite the delicate circumstances we are experiencing because of Covid, we were able to enjoy a beautiful celebration in our church of Sant Pere de les Puel·les.

We had with us Father Antoni Matabosch and our archpriest, Father Salvador Pié, who preached the homily and explained with well-chosen words, the evangelical text in which Jesus chooses Peter as the rock of the Church.

At the end of the mass, Fr. Antoni Matabosch blessed the cakes, a Catalan traditional sweet speciality that is eaten in special occasions (St John, St Peter and other festivities) so that the parishioners could take a blessed piece of cake when leaving the church.

Members of the group  from the Sant Pere de les Puel·les Giant’s association joined us on that occasion carrying with them two giants: Alfons el Franc and Isabel de Portugal. During the mass they stood inside the church next to the statue of Saint Peter and at the end of the celebration they performed a small dance in honour of Sant Peter.

Finally, a brass band called “The taxi music band” which was founded on the occasion of the 1992 Olympics, entertained us with different pieces of music that gave a festive and joyfull tone to the celebration.

Last but not least, when leaving the Church, the assistants enjoyed a festive ringing of bells thanks to the cooperation of the bell ringers of the church of Santa María del Pi.

It was a special day for everyone, and we were able to organise a beautiful festival in honor of our patron saint, thus continuing a long tradition that is kept alive in the heart of the Sant Pere neighbourhood.